Short Little Freak Out

Holy mother of all things that are good and wonderful! I can’t believe that I’m going to look at apartments tomorrow. I don’t know why I’m such a freak attack, but it just dawned on me what I’m doing this weekend. I’m not sure if I usually walk around in a constant state of denial or if I am just that obtuse about what I have planned. I mean, seriously, I’m sure other people realize when they’re going to look for an APARTMENT with their FIANCE for the FIRST TIME. TO LIVE IN TOGETHER. Hurrr…..
I swear, sometimes I wonder how I’ve made it this far. Natural selection must not be as strong as Darwin thought. Haha!

Number of days Until the Great Exodus: 6
Number of days until I move: No longer sure. Depends on whether or not I quit the internship sooner than I thought. I might. I am not sure.



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