Navigator’s (B)log, Day 1

And so it was that Tom and I set out on an epic journey across the United States. Tominda is moving to Seattle, as everyone and their mother knows by now, and I’m here as her navigator and best friend. 

We plotted our course yesterday on the Atlas I bought. This morning over biscuits at Tudor’s Biscuit World with her parents, we changed the route. Instead of taking Route 50 down and around the pokey part of Ohio, we speed across the state on Route 35. We passed through Dayton, so if Mandy reads this, my death is certain. 😦 I wish we could have stopped to see her, but we don’t have that much time to get out there. 
Anyway, as we trekked across Ohio, Tominda introduced me to a most hideous song. It was the old-style country bluegrass and she said it “made her want to dance on a log.” Other than that, Ohio was pretty uneventful.
We crossed into Indiana around 1:00 p.m., where we instantly spotted some really splendid billboards. I’ll upload a photo when I get home, but let it suffice to say that the board read in very large letters “TOM RAPER”. Welcome to Indiana, leave your self worth and sanity at the border. 
Indiana, Tominda and I have decided, is a boring place. No offense to those that live there, but it’s kinda bland to drive through. Tom did get us stuck in the middle of an intersection. She had run a red light, and stopped, so there we were, stuck. Thankfully, others seemed to notice our out of state plates and waved us through. We rolled back onto the freeway mouthing “I’M REALLY SORRY.” 
At this present time, Tom and I are holed up in a Motel 6 (it smells funny in here) in Wisconsin. We’re just over the border. We managed to make it through Indiana, into Illinois, and up into Wisconsin, all in one day. Woo! 
Tomorrow we head out for the Dakotas. Possibly, we shall see a “Corn Palace”. Pictures to come! 

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