Blistering Job Searches

Woops, haven’t been on here in about FOREVER. Ah well, the best I can say is this: I made a trip across the United States with my best friend Tom, I flew home from this trip on the fourth of July. I worked at my internship for about another two weeks and then I packed up my things and moved with my fiance to Virginia, roughly twenty to thirty minutes from the nations capitol.

Things I have been doing since then:

  1. Looking for jobs
  2. Cooking things
  3. Looking for jobs
  4. Visiting the grad school I want to attend
  5. Looking for jobs
  6. Cleaning things

As you can see, my life has just been crammed full. O.o Chyeah, right. In preparation for applying to graduate school, I’ve gotten in touch with one of my old professors, ordered a GRE study book, and emailed my old roommate, now a graduate student, begging for advice about a statement of purpose. I like to start these things early, you know, and really get my freaking out time in before that window slips by. Ha ha.

I do have a job now! I’m going to be working in a garden center that is just down the road from my home, but it’s a job and it’s with flowers, so that’s fun. It will also still give me time to study for the GRE and spend time with Matt. (Which is sorta important…) I start that tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how that goes. I also had an interview today for an internship with the delegate from the district that I used to live in from WV. The internship is unpaid (which is so lame I can’t stand it) but also looks like it would be a good opportunity, so I’ll give it a try. HUZZAH JOBS.

Dunno if I’ve mentioned it before, but my brother was arrested in May and has been in jail waiting for his trail since then. I think things should get rolling soon on it but, the Putnam County Court house has not kept me well informed of the proccedings. If Ryan decides to plead guilty, I think things will happen rapidly from there and I hope he will go to the Anthony Center, which would be good. If he pleads not guilty, I have to go home to stand trail against my brother. Fantastic. I’m hoping for the guilty plea, frankly.

I have huge blisters on my feet from the shoes I wore today. I have never seen such monsters. I must charge up my camera batteries and post disgusting pictures of them. 🙂
Cheers all.
In the next update: Wedding things!


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