Birthdays, Marriage, and other such stuff

Monday was my birthday. Also my husband’s birthday. I turned 24 and he turned 23. I find it strangely irritating that he calls me old. ME?! OLD?! NEVER. I imagine I will be like this until the day I die, that is, childish. But in a mature way, of course. Of course.

Monday was also my one month mark for being married. Everyone has asked, “So what does it feel like to be married?” I feel I’m disappointing them when I answer, “Eh, it’s about the same as dating. I just have a new title.” I take this position because I don’t want to forget that marriage is not something to become complacent with. I still have to try, which is what dating is. Does anyone get where I am going here?

Life lesson for today: Do not stand around looking at someone while you taste your mocha. It makes you look like a creeper.

Story behind life lesson: I arrived early to work today for my unpaid internship. I feel I must stress the unpaid part. I went into the coffee shop they have in one of the buildings I walk through to get to the Congressman’s office. I ordered a mocha. I recieved the mocha, although it had the name “Nancy” written on the side, which made me fear it was not my mocha, as my name is not Nancy. I turn to the girls behind me, “Are either of you Nancy?” “No.” “That must be me then.”

So, here I am, standing just outside the door to the coffee shop and gingerly tasting the “Nancy” labeled cup, fearing it is not mocha, and along comes a girl that works in the same office I do. I however, am staring at her, much like a creeper, because I’m checking the mocha for real mocha-ness. My mind was running along these lines, “God Lord, I hope this is mine and I haven’t just taken Nancy’s cup and there’s Jessica and I am staring. Great.” Her respsonse: “Holy crap you scared me. What are you doing here?”

Life lesson learned. Take heed children, you don’t want to be that kid. I have written her a “Sorry for being such a creeper” post-it and stuck it on her cubicle. Repentance is key.

I’ve also started reading a very fun blog of note by a very funny lady who calls herself Extranjera. I highly recommend her and hope she stops by my blog and offers some sort of comment on how to be a better bloggers, as I have two followers. Both people who know me in real life, so I feel they do not count.

Hoping to get a new job. The garden center is not all that its cracked up to be. Do whatever it is that you do to wish luck upon a person so that I may get this position. I REALLY want it. (Just don’t kill animals. That upsets me.)


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