Rainy day hates and driving

I’ve decided to list a few things I don’t like. Tomorrow I’ll probably do some things I like a lot.

1. Mushrooms. It’s a texture thing.
2. Dirty dishes. I never want to do them.
3. Fighting with anyone. It makes me feel horrible for days.
4. The hours at my Garden Center job.
5. Lack of interest people have in hiring me to a real job.
6. Taking tests. They are lame.
7. Spiders. Ick.
8. When my hands get all dry and papery.
9. When I accidentally waste all my time doing stupid stuff when I should be doing…something.
10. Reality TV
11. MATHS.
12. Repeatedly missing someone on the phone.
13. Forgetting my umbrella on a rainy day.
14. The song: “UMBRELLA”.
15. Hair in the bathtub.

I think that’s enough things for now. I’m sure there will be more.

Today, while driving to target, I took time to marvel at what a diverse place I live in. It’s cool, because there are languages to hear, cultures in action to witness, and waaaaay better selection on foods. It’s awesome.

The only thing that is not awesome are the drivers. I don’t want to sound like a racist or like I drive perfectly every day (usually only on days that end in ‘y’)… It seems to me, many Americans that were not born in the states do not have the greatest of driving skills. I’ve seen these Americans pull out into heavy traffic without blinkers and/or looking, I’ve seen them change lanes on top of someone else. The lack of concern these Americans show for their person and cars is somewhat alarming. Also frustrating when I want to get somewhere and I have to keep a finger on the horn, just in case.

The Asians are the worst. (Yes, I know, going to hell.)


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