Stuff I Like

Another fun list of things I like:

1. Japanese pop. It’s particularly fun. I do not know what they are saying, but I like it. Especially Arashi, Kanjani8, NEWS, Kattun.
2. Sugar. I’m addicted to sweet things. Mostly Ice Cream. YUM.
3. Plants. I have quite a few in my house (I’ll post some pictures later) although I forget to water them a lot.
4. Video games. Mostly I’m into RPG’s, I don’t like shooters.
5. Baking. Leads back to my sugar addiction.
6. TV shows on DVD. Law & Order: SVU, House, Scrubs, Heroes, Battle Star Galatica
7. Hoodies.
8. Surfing the web.
9. Cartoons. Teen Titans rock.
10. Disney Movies.
11. Musicals.
12. Sushi. I can’t do a whole bunch of raw fish meat, but I like a little and lots of rice and veggies rolled in DELICIOUS seaweed.
13. Candles. Why are they so expensive?
14. Getting emails.
15. Working out, but not running. Also, I happen to prefer going to the gym. This means I actually don’t work out a whole lot. 🙂
16. Blankets.
17. Lip stuff. Examples: chapstick, lip gloss, lipstick.
18. Hanging out with my husband. (That’s really number one, but I like to make him sweat.)

I don’t really like coffee. I do like some of the more sugared stuff, like mochas, and I love the smell of coffee brewing, but I don’t like to drink it. I figure everyone should have some sort of morning drink, so I’m thinking about trying to get addicted to tea. I like one tea, however. I bought some more tea that I’m going to try out. The one tea I like is called “Constant Comment”. It’s flavored with “rind of oranges and sweet spice”. Hah.
I bought two other teas from the brand Twinings. One is a green tea, Jasmine Green Tea. The other one is called China Oolong Tea. I’ll let you know how it goes, once I make some.

True story #2:
My husband comes to bed the other night after he went to the bathroom downstairs. He says to me, as he gets under the covers, “I broke the toilet.”
Me: “How did you break the toilet?”
Husband: “I don’t want to tell you.”
I take a moment to sort of stare at him, as well as make a few connections about the length of his stay in the bathroom.
Me: “Did you poop?”
Husband: “Yes. I broke the toilet with my poop.”

I love him. He’s so funny. Life lesson for here: Poop more often. Makes it smaller and less likely to break the toilet.


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