Rather, the Olympics, the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. I am obsessed with them right now. I found myself actually chanting “USA!” while Apolo Ohno was racing. I have been watching the pair skaters on the edge of my seat. I have come to terms with the fact that the Americans will not be standing on the podium so I am rooting for the Chinese team Shen/Zhao. I watched the men’s Alpine skiing today. Boy, that made me anxious. Have you seen how they hurl themselves down that mountain? Breathtakingly scary. Seriously. Watched some of the snowboarding stuff too, that was pretty neat. So really, the point of my rambling paragraph is to convey to you how much I love the Olympics.

In fact, as I type this, I’m watching the pair skating competition, I really want to see who gets to stand on the podium. I would like to share with you a phenomena that happens when you watch the Olympics. Suddenly, you are a judge of a sport that you hardly ever see. Ask my friends Elizabeth and Jaclyn, I have made comments such as, “I think their program is a little flat.” “This music is pretty lame, don’t you think?”, “That costume is ridiculous.”
I have never had any sort of experience in pairs figure skating. But when I watch the Olympics, I know what is best. I was pissed the other night when one of the Russian men absolutely bit it. And then, somehow, placed higher than one of the American teams. I was talking to the TV like the judges would hear my protests. The announcers didn’t seem to find this abnormal, but I was outraged.
That’s the funny thing about the Olympics. The nationalist pride that rises out of no where is surprising. And fun, I think. After having spent months watching the debate over health care and other important issues, you get to the point where you’re sick of the United States. But the Olympics can quickly foster your nationalist pride back. I like cheering for American athletes and hearing the national anthem when one of them wins the gold. I have a lot of fun with the games and I miss them when their gone.
This is not to say that I only cheer for my fellow country men. If I can’t spot an American, I pick another country to cheer for. It’s fun. It’s a “we are the world” sort of feeling. I like how the Olympics seem to be about a peaceful competition. That sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Peaceful competition. I’ll tell you how I hear it in my head.
American competitor: “HA! We’re gonna kick your @$$! Oh, let’s shake on it.”
British competitor: “Bullocks! I’m going to win you ninny! Hugs, good job. ”
Something like that.
It’s also been really fun to watch my husband freak out about the pairs skating. He keeps flinching when he sees their blades get close to one another. Like when they do their spinning thing, he freaks. It’s hilarious.
Anyway. I love the Olympics.
P.S. – Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief was a really bad movie. Avoid.

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