My Life is Not Boring

Whoa, February! That is the last time I posted! Whoa!

I guess I’ve been busy. Either that or I haven’t felt like writing. I would pin it on the not writing part. I blame that part of my brain. Shame on you, writing brain widget, shame. (I’m not sure if widget may used in this context. This is my blog, I’ll do what I want. Dammit.)

So, I am going to be busy soon. Grad school starts back up for me in the next week. I have never seen so many reading assignments in my life. I’ve already started reading, but I haven’t been as hard core about it as I had originally hoped. I am just thankful that the first book I picked up to read wasn’t amazingly boring, so I have been able to get some stuff done.

I started piddling with my book again. AGAIN. I think I have a good start this time. If I could just find my notes, I would remember what I’m writing to get to and could probably fill in the rest pretty well. It’s hard to get motivated to write that too. I can act it out so well in my head, but when it comes to putting it on paper, (or in the computer, whatever) I seem to lose all steam. That’s fine though, I’m totally pimping Tominda’s work anyway. ( She’s really good, I think. ( I can’t wait to have her book in my hands. Heck, I’ll take two and FRAME one of them. ( Pimppimppimp.

Started being more serious about weight loss. I joined, where I am able to track my calories (that’s weird to get used to, by the way) and how many calories I burn when I exercise (I’m actually running, it’s some sort of Christmas miracle). I recommend it, actually. It’s only my first week using the site and I feel a little better about myself. (I am aware that I am not fat, but I am pushing my luck and would like to be more healthy and lose a few pounds. Then buy new clothes.) The idea is to enter in how much you weigh, how much you want to weigh, and how often you plan to work out. The program then calculates how many calories you should take in and how many you should burn. It makes it super easy to plan your day. If you know you are going to eat out and are worried about the calories, plan to eat less at lunch. You can see it, so it’s neat. ( if you want. (

One of my roommates from college moved to Chicago last year to finish up her graduate degree. She asked me maybe two days ago if I wanted to do an Iron Man Sprint (triathlon) with her next summer. Dudes, I hate running. I love to swim and I like bike rides. I’m seriously considering this crap. She showed me a website that will help you get a schedule for training, but I don’t know how I could do this with school coming up. I would also have to find another pool, the one at my apartment building will close in Sept. But that would be sorta neat, right? I could actually say, “I did a triathlon.” I would have to get a bike. And start running. (ohgawd, the running.)
At least I would be in shape. I also found a Jazzercise class that I think I want to get into. I need fitness! And happy people! And dancing around!

I think I’m getting a social life too. Crazy, I know. I go to happy hours with people Matt works with, I’m thinking about getting DC United half-season tickets (soccer), I get to hang out with my friend J*rock. Maybe I would make more friends at the Jazzercise thing. Or maybe they are all old.

I think I need a kick scooter to get from school to the metro on Wed. and Thurs. Ridiculous, right? I kinda like the idea. (Of course you do, you nut.)

I am super glad Diet Coke doesn’t have calories or anything. That would be devastating.

I think I’ll start making a list of things I have done, for those moments when I feel like I haven’t done anything. Also, if you love lists and have goals, I highly recommend: I’m there, of course.

Till next time!

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