Shit MacGregor!

Recently read some books by a woman named Sarah Mason. Her publications are based in England, so I got to read with a British accent. That was super fun. I like it when writers give people crazy family, and the mother in this particular story was hilarious. She said “shit macgregor!” often, which was sure to make me giggle. I’m not sure if that has to do with how random the phrase is or if I am like a 4 year old who is easily amused by poo words. What is it that is so funny about poo words? Poop.

I’m looking for some good not-serious books to read. I did the ones there by Sarah Mason; I usually read fantasy or something. I also like to read Nora Roberts because I don’t have to think real hard. I just get to enjoy the story. So I’m looking for some new stuff to get into. I need light and funny stories. I am having to do a lot of reading for my master’s courses right now and they’re, shall we say, oppressive. Excellent for learning, crap for feeling good about life. So, if you know of anything good, light, and funny, send it my way.
Like this, for example:

I’ve almost been married for a year. Saturday is the big day. Looking back, I don’t think it was as hard as people make marriage out to be. Yeah, there are some challenges, and he irritates me from time to time, but so do most people. I just live with him. I remember someone talking to me about how marriage can be hard, maybe it was my mom, but they said something about how the other person squeezes the toothpaste can be an issue. I’ve no idea why that stuck with me. I looked at the toothpaste tube today and found myself thinking, “Why can’t he just squeeze this from the bottom? Toothpaste is being wasted here.” Thankfully, I don’t think the toothpaste issue will lead me to divorce my husband.

My obsession with Japanese pop music continues. I squealed out loud when I heard my favorite band is putting out a new CD. I’m very excited about this. I might have just boughtitonebaybutdon’ttellMatt.

Grad classes start back for me tonight. I am trying to figure out how I can feed myself before 9:30 p.m. when I get home. There is not that much time between me leaving work and arriving at school, it would be tough to slide eating in there. Crackers. I’m going to have to start bringing crackers to sustain myself. I already bring lunch to work…I am going to need a larger lunch box.
But anyway, school today. It’s either going to rock, or suck. I’ll get back to you on that.


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