A New Life for the Blog

For a long time I have not had a purpose for this blog, which made it hard to do anything with it. Like many of creative writing things, without a goal in mind, it fell to the wayside. However, yesterday I was playing around on a site called 43 Things which is a site for listing your goals and sharing them with others. This supposedly makes you more likely to work towards and accomplish what you want. So, I’m looking through others’ resolution and stuff and I find one that says, “Take a picture every day for a year.”
I found this a wonderful idea! I live in Washington DC, there are tons of things to see and I have not taken that many pictures! I know a lot of people do picture blogs and they’re beautiful…mine will not be like that. But, I thought that would be a fun goal, and it will give me something to write about. It doesn’t even have to be that long! Which would be great, as I suck at writing lots of stuff sometimes.
However, I did forget my camera this morning, so the picture for today is a picture of me I took with my new webcam. The goal was to look as insane as possible.
Mission accomplished.

Let’s just see where the blog goes from here, but at least I have a general idea. *Salutes* General Idea, get it?


Tell Me About It.

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