The Verizon Center

So here’s where I was today; the Verizon Center. It’s basically a civic center, but way better than the one back home. There is more stuff inside, not just walls and a stage. Often, friends of mine and Matt’s will round up everyone for a Happy Hour at a bar inside the Verizon Center (it’s a giant building) called Bar Louie. The food is good and the drinks are pretty decent during their happy hour specials.

In the Verizon Center, the Washington Wizards (Men’s Basketball), Mystics (Women’s Basketball), and the Capitals play. I have been to see a Wizard’s game and my next goal is a Cap’s game, cause I would love to see our hockey team live. I have been told that they are the only team that wins much in DC.

There’s also a movie theater in there, which is where I saw the last Twilight movie to come out. (Eclipse, right?) This is also the site where I promised myself I would not go see the next two in the series.
In the basement is a GIANT Bath and Body Works, there is a good thai place, the movie theater, a sushi/tapas place, Bar Louie, and a Haagan Dazs. That’s just one area, there a bunch of other places connected to the building but with entrances only from the street, such a Dunkin Donut and McDonalds. Classy places, you know?

The Verizon Center is also the site of many musical acts to come through the capital. It is another goal of mine to sell a kidney so I’ll have enough money to buy a ticket to see Lady Gaga there. I think last year I saw that Rhianna played there, as did Usher.

The steps you see are the steps to one of the many museums in the city, I think it might be the Portrait Gallery. I might be wrong, however. If you know, do let me know and I’ll be sure to double check next time I’m in town for a happy hour.


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