Monday and Tuesdays

It seems that it’ll be difficult for me to post on Monday and Tuesday cause I have class most weeks and I don’t get home until pretty late. I will take pictures though and try to either post them on Wednesday or late Tuesday if I’m not feeling too dumb.

Here is the picture from yesterday (Monday, Monday, Monday!):This is traffic at the Vienna metro, that interstate there is i-66, fondly referred to in my mind as “The Devil’s Playground”. I had planned to take another picture from a better and different angle, but as soon as I clicked this one, the camera went dead. At least I’m keeping up the “take a picture everyday” thing, it said nothing about them being good.

Today, I took a picture of my collection of workout videos. Why is that, you ask? Because I gorged myself on pizza after chowing down on a large lunch and tried to make it up for by doing 70 minutes to these babies. Did it work? No, it did not, but the Fitness Pal did tell me I wouldn’t be any fatter than I was, but please try harder. (I’m just kidding. It doesn’t talk like that. It knows not to sass me. I could break it.)
There they are, all 8 of ’em. I need more. I have a disease. And the only cure is more WORKOUT VIDEOS.

Tomorrow I plan on taking a picture of the “snow” that caused my class for tonight to be canceled and thus is to blame for me going over my calorie goal. Dammit.


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