What Snow?

After having a good three feet of snow last year, I find most everything else pretty wimpy. Such as today, in the DC area. It was icy, I’ll give it that, but the roads in my area were clear and I heard of quite a few schools on two hour delay. Pssh. I’m being insensitive, I am sure.

Anyway, today I took pictures of Dupont Circle, which looked sorta nice with barely an inch of snow left on the ground. I work at Dupont, but I feel it’s super stupid to post my place of work and then tell everyone exactly where it is. Please, stalk me.

The picture to your left is the statue placed in the middle of the Dupont Circle traffic area (it’s a beyatch) in honor of Samuel Francis Du Pont, who was a Rear Admiral in the United States Navy. He served in the Mexican-American War and in the Civil War (in which he was a Yank), as well as being a superintendent at the Naval Academy and helping modernize the US Navy. Busy man.

The statue you see above is actually the second one to grace the circle. The first was created by Luant Thompson and later moved by the Du Pont family and replaced by this one. The second was sculpted by Daniel Chester French. P.S. – DC French is the guy who did the Abe Lincoln sculpture that’s chilling out in the Lincoln Memorial.

The picture to the right is a close up of the sculpture; I was having the damnedest time figuring out what these nude people had to do with a rear admiral. As it turns out, the three nudes are symbolic for the sea, the stars, and the wind. The first statue was made from bronze. This one is marble. I bet it’s nicer than the first.

For your enjoyment:
The man himself. Check out that facial hair. And what the hell is he doing with his hand?
“Harumph, yes, I seem to have placed that deep inside my jacket, just, go on, yes, paint it this way. I always stand with my hand in my jacket in front of the sea. Helps my indigestion.”

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