Dinner Dates with J*Rock

Every now and then, I am blessed with an opportunity to stuff my face on fantastic new food that I have never tried before. Even more awesome is when I can take a friend along. Today, I went to a place called Zengo with my good friend J*Rock. It is a “Latin-Asian” fusion resturant that features small plates, mostly for sharing with a group. I learned about this place from a site I am signed up with (LivingSocial.com) that delivers a daily deal to your email and you decide if you want to purchase it or not. The Zengo deal asked for 25 dollars in order to have 50 dollars to spend on food and drink at the restaurant. Awesome!

JR and I picked out five different things and chowed down.

This was called “Crunchy Calamari” and it’s a warm salad. Calamari, cilantro, a spicy green sauce and lettuce. Super noms.

Those are Seared Tuna tacos. They have a mango sauce on the top, tuna and rice in the middle, and all that green stuff was delicious guacamole.

This is what was left of the sushi before we remembered to take a picture. Crab on the inside, cooked tuna and some saucy thing on top, also very, very good!

Those are Thai Shrimp Lettuce Wraps. You wrap your serving up in the lettuce and stuff your face. It was excellent!

Last but not least, Thai Chicken Empanadas. They had mango on top and were delicious!

I recommend Zengo, it was pretty delicious!


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