The Morning Commute

I would like to be the first to say, I love public transportation. Maybe I’m just lazy, but I love having someone else driving me to work. I like hopping on the Metro and arriving at an acceptable distance from where I work and then walking over. I get to check out the weather and breath in the (sorta) fresh air before I trap myself in a building for the better part of the day. I like that if I’m late, it’s usually not my fault. If it is my fault, it’s totally ok to blame the public transportation. They don’t mind. I like not having to worry about parking, which I find to be a particular bitch in any city larger than where I grew up. (Sad state of affairs, ducklings, sad state.)

Today, I did not love public transportation. To the right, you will notice a ton of people, all crowded onto a tiny platform. Just moments before, on a crowded train, I listened to the conductor push buttons repeatedly, in an attempt to get the doors to close. Since this did not happen, I then heard the words, “Customers, we’re gonna have to offload at this station, due to a train malfunction.”

Malfunction my ass. I know there was some broad with a super giant purse in there, holding the doors open. (I do not know this, but I like to pretend. It’s better than operating with the knowledge that the DC metro system is old and falling apart and no one thought it might need updates at some point.)

But yes, that was the morning commute today. It took about 20 – 30 minutes longer than it usually does. But yes, I love public transportation.

Last thing:

Pilates are hard!

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