Look What I Can Do!

This morning was another FUBAR of a trip on the DC metro but I thought that it would be too soon to post another picture of many people crowded onto a platform with murder in their eyes. Instead, I bring you this little tid-bit, a fantastic blog like my own, but purely centered on the DC Metro. Unsuck DC Metro is actually rather helpful and a good way to hate the system while still using it. Kudos to them.

The Husband went to a happy hour this evening, leaving me to my own devices (I decided to go home and wreck havoc.) I like for us to do separate things every now and then, it reminds me that I’m an independent person and I have things to do. My plan for today was to cook the recipe that I picked the food out for (because the veggies were starting to get a bit flopsy), do my homework (to be ahead of schedule and responsible), and maybe clean up the apartment after I did my exercise video.

I would like my readers to know that after I came home and devoured three chocolate and peanut butter chips cookies, I read part of a book, cooked my dinner (it was ok), read more of the book and ate dinner at the same time, read more of the book, did my exercise video and finished the book. And, I experimented with my hair. I have, of course, documented the experiment for your entertainment.

I must never go out in public.
Cheese, ya’ll.
It was at this exact moment that I realized I resembled Cloud Strife. I am an anime character.

Another realization: I am Lady Gaga without the mask. Just the hair.

Haters gonna hate.

I am a danger to myself. Please keep all gels far from me, someone could lose an eye.


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