Sick on a Sunday

Indeed friends, that is a “sick kit”. The Husband has been puking ALL day. Anything we put in his stomach only gets to visit for about 15 minutes before the stomach police violently reject them out into the trash can. It’s awesome!

It’s weird. He doesn’t have a temperature (I’ve checked twice), but his stomach hurts and he feel nauseous. It’s very strange. I am hoping that it is a one day bug and it will pass from his system soon, but if he’s not better by tomorrow, I am going to drag him to the doctor. He looks so pathetic!  

Poor Husband, with the trash can and his sippy cup. 

Clutching to a bottle of ginger ale. Sad.



  1. I waited until it was full. Seemed like a waste of trash bags if I did it each time. He was in a state of constant puking. Best to wait…although taking it out was horrible.

  2. Thank god no one was around to document my illnesses – I looked nowhere near this presentable. Did you just wait till the garbage can was full or did you empty after each ejection?

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