Seriously Short Update

Monday’s Picture

Here is a picture from Monday. It’s of P street, which is a road near where I work where I often go for lunch. It has many delicious places to dine at, all for a relatively good price. You can’t see these places in this picture, but trust me, they are there. Take for instance, Sakana. The sushi is fantastic and the women who work there hate me, but they know my face now and sorta smile if they’re not too busy. Or the place called Panas. They people there are friendly and they have a limited amount of chairs, but the empanadas are great and I love their deal of three empanadas, plantain chips, and a drink. Always fantastic for lunch. I actually took this shot as I was walking up P street towards my office from a new find, Crepes a Go Go. Unfortunately, I just saw today that the apartments above the restaurant were on fire and Crepes might be closed for a while. Curses.

Picture for today: Tuesday

The picture for today is the dash board of my friend C’s car. She very kindly gave me a ride home from school yesterday and today. I love her car, it has seat warmers. I’m also jealous cause that giant screen you see there is a gps and other wonderous things. Also, check out the ring on her finger! She has such wonderful accessories. I must learn from her. C! Let me be your Padawan!


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