Day of Blah

Oh, the horrors I could regal you with had I the inclination. Let it suffice to say that I spent two hours getting to work today, most of those hours spent hanging out on the Red Line of the DC Metro. They should have a large sign over the entrance to any red line stop that says, “Abandon all hope and plans of being on time, ye who enter here.”

It’s enough to make a person just a little crazy. That, my friends, is what I fear the most. That I will leave this city an insane individual, warped beyond recognition by the powers that be in this city, public transportation. Cynical, I will become, when faced with the disdain and contempt of my fellow riders. Rude, I will be, when I am pushed onto a full train with no standing room for anyone, let alone the jerk face behind me who continues to shove. Murderer, I will be named, if someone dares to shunt me along from behind again. Or maybe not, if the rude lady that was shoving me from behind, and is somehow now in front of me, continues to get her stupidly furry hood stuck in the train doors. While I stand from the safety of the platform and poke at the white hood that is now accumulating dirt from the grimy train doors. Maybe I will not be these things, because I risked my hand to get her hood shoved inside the doors, so the train would not be offloaded due to a “train malfunction”. Maybe, I will continue to be my cheerful, positive self.

Dear Lord I hope so.

My sincere thanks to the anonymous rider beside me, who gave me a “Well done” for rescuing all of us from a sincerely overcrowded platform, due to a “train malfunction”. I am an unsung Metro Hero. I deserve a medal.

Flowers to brighten your winter day.

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