Snow and Scarves

Only slackers leave work at 3:10.

Today was a most excellent day at work, mostly because it ended early! DC is apparently under some sort of supposed snow-pocalypse, so the federal government sent their people home early, just in case. Thankfully, the place I work for operates on the same policy as the feds. I scoffed at it at the time, but once I actually got out to Alexandria and the car was slipping around on the roads, I was pretty glad. I imagine that if I had left at my normal time, I would have gotten stuck on a few of the smaller hills on the way to the apartment.

The picture you see here is the time it was when I left work and headed for the Metro. There was no snow, so I actually felt bad for leaving work early. It seemed that many of my co-workers were staying; it made me feel guilty. However, by the time I hit Huntington Metro Station, it was pouring down the rain/snow, it was super slick, and mostly just unpleasant. Therefore, I no longer feel bad about leaving work two hours early. I wasn’t doing anything particularly important anyway.

Scarves! Glorious scarves!

The day was further made fantastic by the arrival of a box from my mother, filled with a few of my favorite things: scarves. She knows my weaknesses. I have taken a picture in order to share with everyone the rapture I felt at receiving, not one, nor two, but THREE scarves from my Momma!

The Husband had me stand beside my already impressive collection of scarves, so everyone could truly grasp my obsession. I don’t have any scarves of that color however! I am quite pleased with my Mom’s decisions, even if I am running out of space on my scarf hanger…I’ll just get another.
Thanks Mom! (It would be awesome if she could do this with shoes as well.)

In other news, I watched Secretariat on DVD for most the evening (new favorite, I slobber through the entire thing) and did a Tae Bo video. Billy Blanks is funny.
Fingers crossed for a work delay tomorrow, or even a cancellation! (I’m a bum.)


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