Date Night!

Oh hai!

Not much to say today; it was date night with the Husband because it is our month-a-versary! What’s that ducklings? You’ve never heard of a monthaversary? Well, it is that magical day of the month for the Strains where everything magically fell into place. The 28th, to be exact. Why the 28th? So many questions. The answer is simple! The Husband and I started dating on February 28th. Our birthday, as we share one, is September 28th. And we were married on August 28th. (I’ve also decided I’ll stop aging when I hit 28. Seems like a good number.)

So tonight, we went to a new pizza place and then we had ice cream and it was glorious, as pizza and ice cream are two of my favorite things and, coincidentally, they are the Husband’s as well. Here is the picture for today!

Actual Conversation with the Husband:
Me: Am I pretty?
Husband: Mmmm-hmmm. Beside my glory though, you know, it’s hard to shine. But you try.

Match made in heaven.


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