Sunday, for real

Once again, I have don’t have a whole to say. Did you know there are no Elder Beermans in Virginia? It’s true. My major mission today was to find one. I failed.

My gnome will destroy you.

Also, I want everyone to know, I hate that game. See it, there on the screen? I hate it. There is no pause, so you can’t talk to him, because it takes all of his extreme concentration. And, it takes a long time to finish a game. Yeah, that game you see on the screen there, I have no idea when it started, but it’s still going and I stopped in the middle of this post to talk to Tominda on the phone.

AND! It makes him yell random curse words, call upon God in a loud voice, and pound on the mouse. I am not a fan.

I lied about giving you the recipe. You will get it later. YOU.



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