Fairly Fun Friday

Hey guys! Great story to tell; I went to a happy hour tonight with The Husband and the people he works with (all of which are coincidentally people I refer to as friends). I’m sitting at one of the tables, talking to a friend of mine, when he points out to me a young man with crazy blond hair, hipster style, and Ray Ban sunglasses on. In the middle of a restaurant, and it’s dark outside. To each other we say, “Man, he’s almost emo there. I like his sunglasses though. Why is he wearing them inside?”
No more than five minutes later, I turn to my friend to say, “Dude, we are an ass. That guy is blind.” My friend’s eyes get very large and he turns, noting the cane the man is toting and grimaces. “He probably heard us too…they have crazy hearing.”
“At least he knows then that we know we’re an ass.”


Pictures! On my way to meet the Husband for the Happy Hour, I stopped to take pictures of the police memorial at the Judiciary Square Metro stop.

This statue is part of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial that is located just at the top of the Judiciary Square metro station. This lion symbolizes “the protective role of law enforcement officers and convey the strength, courage and valor that are hallmarks of those who serve and protect.” It is perched on a wall that lists the names of police officers who have given their lives in the line of duty. The inscription underneath the lion reads, “The wicked flee when no man pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.” – Proverbs 28:1.

The lion is crouched over and in front of him are two lion cubs, which he is shown as protecting.

There are two pathways which are lined with low walls. On these walls are the names of the fallen, which numbers around 19,000; the names have been kept since 1792, the first known death. Each year, in the spring, more names are added to the wall. This makes this memorial unique, it is constantly changing, unlike the other memorials in Washington.

In this picture, you can see the names inscribed on the wall and the lion crouching down to look over it’s cubs. It’s a very nice memorial, pretty low key in comparison to the other memorials you’ll see if/when you visit the city. I should poke around and see if I can find one for fire fighters as well.


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