Savory Saturday Not of My Own Making

I went to an Indian place called Indique today with a brand spanking new friend, Em. We arrived shortly after four, thinking we would have an early dinner. As it happens, they don’t open until 5:30. Strangely, the front door was open though and they let us walk up and ask for table at 4:00. And then stared at me like I was a strange creature they had never seen before. “A customer? Before 5:00? WHAT.” So, I would up walking around the shops near this place with Em and we ducked into a place called Firehook bakery for a warm drink. Em got the warm drink, I wound up with a smoothie. An hour later, we return to Indique for our promised dinner. (I had a coupon, we HAD to go there.) Here is what I ate, in pictures!  

 The picture above is my curry and Em’s curry, I believe she had the chicken and I had the shrimp. There is NAAN, I love naan, and I had a tasty Cosmo. To the left is a flan-ish dessert dish, which was strange, but not bad. A caramel creme, I believe is what it was called. Please note the mint sprig on top of the creme. It explains the next picture. I do recommend Indique, should you be looking for some tasty Indian food, and I am usually not so I feel like that means something, coming from me.

I say, good man, could you fetch me some brandy?

Here is me and Em. She looks lovely (I applaud her use of scarf, I am a scarf whore, myself), while I look as if I have lost my chin. I think it’s the angle I was holding the camera. I need longer arms.

I also wanted to show everyone this particular advertisement on the metro. Do you see how they say all you need is coffee for the metro? Someone has never ridden the metro before, because you can’t have food or drink on the metro. It’s against the law, for real. In fact, this is from the Washington DC Metro page: “It is unlawful to eat, drink or smoke in the Metro system because of the labor and cost associated with maintaining the cleanliness of the transportation system as well as for safety reasons. Customers can be cited by Metro Transit Police for violating the no eating, no drinking, and no smoking rules.”
Therefore, I would like to find the person in charge of this advert and punch him in the face. On principle. As he has never ridden on the metro before and is inciting his customers to break the law.


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