I Have Not Forgotten

Because it’s 11 and that means I should really be getting to bed, I’ll just post pictures from the last two days and be on my way.


Work Friend Josh

 I went to this place called Mai Thai with WFJ, and we had the Pad Thai. With chicken. It was super good. I may have horked it down. That is a technical term, hork.

Strange floating roses at Mai Thai.


Tuesday was a pretty crap day. Nothing seemed to flow well, brother issues surfaced, class that night was a pain in the entire body. However, I did take a picture of my current organization project, which is a cork board that I hang my necklaces and dangly earrings from. Be impressed with my ingenuity. I command it.

There is nothing particularly interesting that happened today besides the fact that it was better than yesterday and I had homemade tacos for dinner.


Also had a good chat with my mom and I made her laugh so hard she choked on her own spit. That’s always extremely gratifying for me, as I like to make her laugh. It’s also nice that I’m not the one doing the choking, as that happens quite a bit as well. Must be genetic.

Cheers ducks, the week is winding down. I’ll have a super awesome photo tomorrow, I hope. ❤


One comment

  1. Were you posting while we were talking 'cause I don't think we got off the phone till around 11:15. That means I didn't have your undivided attention, do you even know what we talked about? I'm mentioning this as I cannot shop and talk on the phone. Many others can but not I. Just checking to see if it is another genetic factor I passed on.

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