All We Need is Love

I just finished my workout and I’m sitting here listening to my favorite Japanese boy band and pondering the meaning of life. Oh that’s a lie, I figured that crap out years ago. I’m really pondering my luck at the lack of pink fluffy things I’ve run across as we approach the ever-contentious Valentine’s day. It must be because I have not set foot in a Wal-Mart since I left West Virginia last time. The only other option is that DC is the least lovable city in the world and everyone hates everyone else. This would not surprise me over much.

Because the Husband is not one to like silly things piling up all over the place, I got him an edible Valentine treat today. I can’t do it on Monday because of class, and I imagine they’ll be sold out, even though everyone hates the holiday.

Heart Shaped Donuts!

I do agree that corporate America has made the holiday into a big mess, but it’s this way with many holidays. I’m also aware that origins of Valentine’s day center around legends of someone named Valentine getting his head chopped off, but so far Wikipedia is not giving me the story I remember.

Either which way, I realize that Valentine’s day is big day of bitter reminders for some or a big kissy face for others. I put forth that we take back the day. Valentine’s Day has come to be a day for love, right? Then let’s show the world some love. Smile at a stranger. Give a flower to someone who doesn’t expect it. Text your friends a message of how you appreciate their friendship. Call your mother. Hell, love Mother Nature and pick up some trash. This is not just a day for couples, and it’s certainly not a day for us to wallow in self pity. Everybody somewhere has someone they love, be it your cat or your best friend in Seattle. Love is everywhere, we’ve just forgotten how to see it.

I, for one, am tired of the cliche of the couple who are disgustingly in love and the cliche of the bitter single friend. This is just another day like any other, my friends, we just have to look at more red and pink. (It assaults the senses, I know.) But spread your love. I love you. Your day is going to be awesome. Somewhere, someone is thinking of you and that’s love.

P.S. – I love Gaga’s new song, Born this Way. I refuse to hear bad things against it. Don’t talk to me.

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