Jungle in There

You know how sometimes you walk into a place with something in mind and the moment you look up from your shoes, something entirely different smacks you in the face? Yeah, HomeGoods did that to me today. I was going to look for a cheese grater that stands on its own and something different to put my scarves in (oh lawd, the scarves), which I did, however, HomeGoods also gave me this:

As soon as you hit the store; BAM, macrame lion.

The elusive beaded zebra.

Wild flora and fauna were abundant.

Animals, in order to save space, will sometimes stack one another.

Elephant demands your attention.

The animal graveyard was a gruesome place.

More animal stacking! What space savers they are.

I’m not sure why HomeGoods had such an abundance of African wild life in their store, but you can bet your bottom dollar I did not purchase any to take home. Although I think the Husband was tempted by the stacked animals. He kept pointing them out to me. His taste is questionable.


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