Not Interesting

My classes got moved around this week to accomodate the long weekend (President’s Day). So, I can’t say that much has really happened in that time. Yesterday was so boring for me I actually took a picture of my backpack. It’s the same backpack I’ve had since the beginning of high school. It has lasted through five years of college and my first year of grad school. Which reminds me, I should really wash that thing. I sewed the flag and the gold thingy there at the bottom (musical staff) on there by myself. I can remember when I talked my mom into getting this backpack. I found it through the internet because I really liked the straps (they have yet to deflate). We had to go to a sports store to find it. I was sorta expensive, I remember and Mom gave me this look, the one that says, “Why do you think you need this expensive back pack?” I remember telling her, “Mom, this backpack will last me through college. I promise.” And it did. I can’t believe I just wrote that much about a backpack. Gawd, I’m boring.

I made a cool dinner tonight, want to see? Here. It might look weird, but it is a stuffed pepper and it is a most definite four out of five noms. I’m not going to post the recipe right now because I’m too lazy to type it out. But it was super good. Be jealous.

I’m going to go read a Mercy Thompson novel by Patricia Briggs and eat peach yogurt. On a side note, while trolling Facebook today, I noticed someone from my high school that already looks like a little old man with no teeth.
I hope I hold up better.

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