So yesterday, being Friday, I went out with some friends of mine from the DSS program. For laser-tagging. It was pretty epic. I won’t lie, however, at the age of 25, when I walked into this place, I felt like a complete creeper. I was surrounded by 12 year olds. These kids wiped the floor with us “adults” in two out of three games that I participated in. They have had some time to practice, I think. Anyway, it was pretty funny and I’d be willing to do it again, hopefully next time without all the little kids. They were pretty rude, they kept asking us if we were ready to loose again and saying curse words. I wonder about the youth of America. (Oh, I’m so old, look at my wisdom.) I know this picture looks pretty blurry, but the wind was blowing so hard when I took it that I’m surprised it turned out at all.

Today, I have done nothing but read books and realize that my washer is not going through the spin cycle. I also made potato soup in the Crock Pot and it was pretty good. I was pleased with it.

I skipped my running today, but I’ll make up for it tomorrow. I just felt drained today. Hopefully, I’ll have more interesting things for tomorrow. But for now, peace out.


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  1. Chris had fun with Laser Tag and his friends. I hope they were not rude and cursed when they were in there. Potato Soup….yum….my favorite. I need that recipe please.Celine

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