Quickly, it’s Late

Just a few things to share before I finish typing my homework and get to bed.

First: Date today with the Husband because tomorrow we both have class and it’s our anniversary. This is the when we first started dating anniversary, so that makes tomorrow…five years. Yes. We’ve been together for five years tomorrow as well as married for 18 months. So, we went to one of our favorites, the Cheesecake Factory. SUPER YUM. I had the Hibachi steak and we shared the Tuxedo Cheesecake. Sorry they are so dark, it was very dim in there. BUT DELICIOUS.

You can see the Husband’s hands over there. He is patiently waiting to pounce on this cake. It was so good. Tominda pointed out to me that the Husband has been looking very nice in recent pictures (you can thank me, I convinced him to let his hair grow) and she called him the Hot Husband. I like this. I shall refer to that guy I am married to as Hot Husband (or HH as is strikes me) from now on.

The only other thing that is mildly interesting is that I got a heart rate monitor and used it for the first time today while I did the last day of my second week training for a 5K. The monitor itself goes around your chest. I had a moment where I wasn’t sure where to put it, because of the breasts, you see. I have them, they were in the way. Eventually, I figured out that just under the bottom part of the sports bar is an excellent place for the monitor, you can’t even feel it. The watch is where your reading comes out, as well as where it calculates how many calories you burned, based on your weight and your heart rate. I was pleased to see that when I run for 40 minutes, I am not only burning 278 calories, it is much closer to 560 calories. BAM.


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