Lips Hurt Like a Mother

Monday was class night so there was no post, today is Tuesday and there usually is no post but I don’t have class cause they moved it to Monday. Oh haha. However, I had to leave work early on Monday to come home to hit up an urgent care facility because I had an allergic reaction. On my lips. Because of chapstick. I shit you not. I tired a new flavor of chapstick on Friday. By Saturday, I had some bumps on my lips. “Oh no,” says I, “I won’t use this chapstick anymore and maybe it will go away.”

It does not. Instead, it gets a bit worse on Saturday.

By lunchtime on Monday, when I am dining with J*Rock at Chipotle, I’m quite sure my lips are going to burst into flames on my face. They have swelled to Angelina Jolie proportions and I’m pretty upset. (Not to mention it was a crap day at work.) So I go to my boss and say, “Boss, look at my lips. Do you mind if I go home so I can get to an urgent care cause this sucks (Oh the puns).” He tells me I look like someone who got a bad job on my lips and to get out of here. So, I go home, go to really nice walk-in clinic and wait around for a while. Then I get a prescriptions for some steroids, then head to class. I am late, of course, and ran two red lights getting there, but I’m turning in that homework, dammit. That was my Monday. I took a picture of my lips for your enjoyment. I can see the bumps and the swelling, but I have been dealing with it for about four days now. The steroids seem to be helping.

My major good point of the day was it was a rather large anniversary for me and HH, we’ve been together for five years now. Also, yesterday we were married for 18 months. We should get some sort of trophy.

Today was much better, overall, and as I was leaving the metro, I noticed a pink moped, so I took a picture. I thought that was funny at the time. I don’t think I would ever want to ride on a vehicle in this area unless I am perfectly enclosed. Such as in a car. I know that it doesn’t really matter in a wreck, but the thought of being struck by a vehicle while I’m really only holding on to something with my HANDS is truly horrifying. I mean, if I hit a big enough bump, I could fly right off that thing.

Strangely, I don’t have the same fear with horses. Why is that? Oh yeah, I’m getting back into riding as soon as I can. (Once I get out of this city.) Also, started Week 3 of the Couch 2 5K plan today. I did it without stopping, and that’s really what surprises me most days. I’m not sure how I keep going. Let’s see if I can keep going all the way through 3 miles.



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