Polenta was Born This Way

Greetings minions.

Today was the day of polenta cooking, which I happen to be fond of. I found a recipe in a cooking light magazine (I know you are all shocked I NEVER cook from one of those) with polenta, tomatoes, and great Northern beans. It’s pretty tasty. Here is a picture. I grilled the polenta on my Lean Mean Grilling Machine, and did the topping in a pan, then sprinkled with cheese. It’s about 331 calories for one serving, what you see here is more than one serving on each plate, but I don’t care cause it’s delicious and I was hungry. And I worked out so it doesn’t matter. Bam. If you know of any other good polenta recipes, please feel free to message me and let me know. I enjoy my vegetarian (since there is cheese, it’s not vegan right? I can never keep the difference straight) dinner nights. Noms.

For the big five year anniversary, I got my heart rate monitor and HH got a new monitor for his computer. I took a picture of that too, since it’s so giant. What’s super cool (for me, anyway) is that I got to gank his old monitor, so now I have two. So it’s like I have a giant monitor too! I obviously win in this situation. Pictures! 

That’s HH’s new monitor, which he is obviously very pleased with, as he’s playing his game. The one that cannot be interrupted, yes that one.

And now you can see the monstrosity that sits on my desk! Hooray. Beautiful, right? I like it.

And now to switch to something totally different!

Here is Lady Gaga’s newest video. I rather like it! I think that the intro is a lot like the videos that Michael Jackson used to do for his video. I like the message that she puts out there too. It’s almost like, “I’m standing up for things I believe in so that others can to.” Meaning in a rather round-about way that she is helping bring about a new “race” of people that are full of tolerance and love. After that I loose her for a minute, I’m not sure about the birth of evil, unless that means that the opposite of what she would like for the world is hate and small-mindedness.
Then the singing and dancing starts and I’m just thrilled with it. I love this song. I have heard critiques that it sounds too much like Madonna’s “Express Yourself”. I think that she was influenced by Madonna. Lady G. didn’t rip the song from Madonna; the lyrics are entirely original and the music is not the same. I mean, it’s not like Vanilla Ice and Queen. Lawd.
The lyrics! All you have to do is listen to the chorus and you’ll get what I mean! I was born this way, I was born this way, I’m on the right track baby, I was born this way! It’s a good song. It’s a good message.
I will admit that I’m not sure what the skeleton bit is portraying, but I’m making a stab at how we’re all pretty much the same under our skin. Another fantastic message, if that’s what she was going for.
And the ending! I believe that’s a tribute to Michael Jackson, what else could it be with the gloves? Overall, I’m of the opinion that the woman is insane, brilliant, and gorgeous in her own way.
Congrats, Lady, I’m a fan.


  1. But why is she crying when she is dressed like Madonna at the end and why is she paying tribute to MJ now?? I just don't understand her. Love the song, though!!

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