Well, here I am, back from another day of running. I added a ticker on the side bar there because I signed up to do the Susan G. Koman Race for the Cure in West Virginia in May. It’s a race to raise money for breast cancer research. Since my mom is a survivor (and I often imagine I’ll develop it myself) I have decided to put forth some effort into running it this year. I’m training for a 5K, this might as well be my first one. It’s important and it means something to me, so I’m pretty sure I can make my goal. What is my goal? Well, to not stop, really. Run the entire 3 miles. It’s not seeming like such a long distance these days. Last week alone I put in almost 9 miles of constant movement (some of it was walking, yes, but I’m still in training). I’ve talked my friend from back home into running with me; Jeremy, thank you. I would like to acutally raise some money for the cause while I’m at it. So please donate by clicking this link!
DONATE TO BREAST CANCER RESEARCH by clicking on the blue link on the side bar that says “Donate to Lindsey”. You’re not really donating to me, you’re donating to a cause that I’m behind! Please help me out and donate five bucks. I promise to post pictures afterwards of me dying on sidelines for comedic effect.

Running. I sorta like it now. At least on a treadmill. Oh yeah, picture.
For today, we have this: That is right. The lean mean grilling machine. Because I used it to cook on tonight and that’s what I am. A lean mean…grilling…machine.

Yes, I’ve run out of things to say. I’m going to eat some frozen yogurt.

Please enjoy this song with me:

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