Some Veggie Dishes are Not So Great

I have found one. Vegetable Korma. Smells good. Has a bit of heat to it. Otherwise mostly tasteless. I think when you don’t make it the low fat/calorie way, it may have more taste. For this dish, not so much.

Strange, I just uploaded the picture of the korma, but now I can’t find it and it’s already deleted from my camera. That’s ok, it wasn’t that great to look at. Instead, I’ll show you this picture of the Corn Palace. It is located in South Dakota, aka, the tourist trap armpit of the U.S. I drove through this place with Tominda when we road-tripped all her things out to Seattle from West Virginia. This is where we wasted a few hours of life based on the things my mother said, namely, “It’s made entirely of corn! A palace of corn!”

No, it is not. It’s mostly made of cement and other normal building materials, with some corn murals. It is not made entirely of corn. This is also where I learned that Michael Jackson had passed away. The Corn Palace, place of disappointment and despair.

Anyway, this is all related because corn is a vegetable.
Lessons learned: Cooking Light Vegetable Korma is tasteless and so is the corn palace.



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