Library Musings

I went to the library today. The picture for today is of the entrance, it’s rad. My favorite section of any library/bookstore is the fantasy/science fiction section. I don’t like to read about real life. Real life is depressing and I get enough of it on my own, thanks. I like to read about  magic and epic heroes and dragons and flying horses. Or some demi-gods. So, at the library HH and I have been frequenting, there is a science fiction section. It is only labeled as sci-fi. I thought that that’s fine, since some fantasy is mixed in with it, but not much. So, I’ve spent the past couple of months we’ve been going there being slightly disappointed with the quantity/quality of the semi-fantasy section.

The other day, while walking through the fiction aisles, B, I noticed a fantasy writer’s work in the fiction section. Some librarian is stupid, I thought to myself, look, they’ve put the fantasy in with the fiction. (Fantasy is fiction..however…) It occurred to me today, while browsing in the fiction again, this library does not put it’s fantasy with the science fiction, making it easy for nerds of all flavors to find those sorts of books. They put sci-fi in one section, mystery in another, and the rest is FICTION. While I appreciate the segregation of sci-fi and fantasy (because I am of the opinion that they are very different), I do not appreciate that I can’t find the fantasy books now unless I know the author or pull out every cover to look at the art. The art will almost always tell.

Anyway, that’s upsetting.

You know what else is upsetting? Giving up chocolate for Lent. (I don’t usually practice Lent, I think I’m just torturing myself. I’m pretty sure the person upstairs could care less what I do and do not eat.) Another upsetting thing: getting seasonal allergies. Makes it difficult to sleep. However, I have rapidly progressed from the scratchy throat, to the “can only breath out of one nose hole”, to the snot machine, and now I just can’t breath at all. Should be great for running tomorrow.


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