Just Resting

So, where the heck was I from Friday on? Taking a break, unplanned though it was. I didn’t take any pictures, I went off my diet, etc. I just needed a break from everything, I think. I spent a lot of time with other people over the weekend, that’s something of a treat for me, as I often feel that I don’t have many friends in the area. I was proven wrong last weekend!

On Friday, two friends of mine from school and JR came over to the apartment and we chowed down on pizza (except those of us who are allergic to gluten, sorry Rach!), popcorn, and skittles. We watched “The A Team” and wore sweats. It was great. I was super tired and it was really nice to sit around and look at other people. Anyway, had a really good time. JR stayed after my other friends left (they had a bit of a drive back to their respective homes) and she and I watched gag reels to every movie I own. Epic.
I forgot to mention that Friday for lunch, I had sushi for lunch with WFJ (work-friend Josh) and JR at our usual place. That lunch will be referred to as “Philosophical Lunches with WFJ and JR”. We discussed marriage. Actually, I listened to JR and WFJ banter back and forth about many philosophical aspects to marriage, the most interesting and stimulating question being: Why DO people get married? It was fascinating, I could have stayed there all day. I don’t know that we ever came up with a concrete answer. However, I do propose that next Philosophical Lunch we tackle the meaning of life.

HH’s delish dish!

This was so good!

Saturday was brunch day! HH and I meet up with a bunch of super awesome and cool co-workers in Dupont Circle. We went to a place called Level One where they were having a “Disco Brunch”. All of the foods were disco themed and it was delicious. Also, besides the straight men in our party, the entire place was comprised of females and gay men. It was great. I have never seen such a concentration of estrogen. I obviously need to get out more. Let me post delicious food pictures. Be jealous. This to the right is HH’s dish. Yes, those are sweet potato fries with his crab cake burger thing. NOM.

 This dish, gorgeous nom dish, is called the “Benny and Jets Crab cakes”. Oh my goodness. It has layers. First, is the English muffin, then a slice of tomato. Next, the fantastic fluffy and thick crab cake. Then, a soft boiled egg topped with hollandaise sauce. (I believe I spelled that right, apologies if I did not.) I give this a serious 5 out of 5 noms. Also, the home fries, which is code for potato chunks, were seasoned with rosemary and were quite lovely.

Then after brunch, we decided we needed cupcakes. After that, everyone parted company, but I was almost immediately contacted by JR, who wished to go shopping. So, I joined her for a shopping trip where I bought a lamp and decided Lent was stupid so I also got a chocolate rabbit for her and I to consume. (I’m sorry, people who observe Lent, when I say stupid, I really mean: stupid for me to do as I had not attached religious reasons to it, I was just giving something up. It should mean something!) So, JR and I had a good time and we went to get hamburgers from Five Guys and then returned to my apartment and watched Inception with HH. Good movie, by the way, I recommend it. Good weekend. (Sunday doesn’t count, I had to do homework.)

Let me share the rest of the pictures I took over the weekend!

I expected Tom Cruise to pop out.

Found this gem on the way to brunch. I had no idea there was a Scientology Church in Dupont Circle. Actually, I didn’t know that scientologists had churches. I thought they had more informal meeting spaces and/or didn’t meet at all.How exciting. I have no idea what Scientology is about, but that’s ok. They have a meeting place, good for them.

The church of SCIENCE!


Spring is on the way! I took this picture outside of HH’s work. We parked the car there and I was waiting for him to emerge from the parking garage. Pretty.

My sparkly black, JR’s sparkly gold.

Blinded by the white.

Look at the heel and platforms on those babies. You can’t tell in the picture, but they also have sparkles on them. Epic shoes. Truly epic. Also, sweet baby Moses, have you ever seen legs so white?! Curse you, Scandinavian/Norse ancestors! Curse you!

We will now return to our regularly scheduled updates. Thanks for reading!



  1. I love your posts. The food picks look awesome and sound awesome! Will have to try that place out on our next visit! The shoes, go for it girl and that is what hose or stockings are for, to hide the white of our legs (mine are the same since I have not seen sun in a year!). Scientology….kind of scary. They got my address one time and wrote to me for years….kept having to move in order to lose them…..LOL! Just kidding! We have skype on the computer again so maybe this weekend? Not sure of schedules, etc. Hugs to you both!Celine

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