My Heart for Japan

As the world watches Japan struggle, I would like to urge us, as individuals, to help where we can.
Here is a list of potential giving sites, if you are able to contribute:
The American Red Cross
Save the Children
The Salvation Army
Convoy of Hope 
International Medical Corps

I donated through Lady Gaga (that sounds weird, but I did). I gave 15 dollars and all proceeds are to go directly to Japan relief efforts. You can do this too, HERE

Also, this particular foundation does not take donations directly for Japan, but right now the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation has six teams deployed in Japan. You can donate to their cause here. These six teams are working to find survivors among the rubble. The organization was also in Haiti after the quake. You can see a list of their recent deployments here.

Thankfully, the good friends I made at Marshall that call Japan home are safe. Let’s keep Japan in our thoughts and prayers as the nation deals with the nuclear crisis and starts to rebuild.

The picture today is totally unrelated to this very serious post. There is an Irish pub/restraunt directly under my place of work. I took a picture of the beer they’re stocking up on in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day, which is tomorrow. Bud Lite. That doesn’t even look like good beer. For shame.


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