Manic Monday For Real

It was something of a cluster on the Metro this morning. Let me tell you the story. First off, I was early. I got out the door and a really good time, got a good parking spot at the Huntington Metro Station, and hopped on a train right away. HH and I parted ways as we usually do at Gallery Place/Chinatown. I was walking towards the red line train platform when I heard that the orange and blue lines were experiencing delays. OK, I don’t ride those, that’s ok. Then, I see a mass of people on the platform. Fantastic. From there, things progress into the cluster area. Not only do I wait for a train forever, but more people pile in, a train fails to come, and when it does: it is off-loaded due to a malfunction. There are now a shit-tonne of people hanging out and waiting for a train. I don’t have many good options. I don’t have any cash on me so I can’t get a cab. I don’t know which buses run to Dupont Circle.

So, I, being the brilliant person I am, go back downstairs to the yellow/green line and ride up one more metro station to Mt. Vernon Square. From there, I walked three blocks to P Street. Then I turned down P street and walked (according to my map on Google) about 11 or 12 blocks. In orange goulashes. Thankfully, it was not raining at this point, but I was soooo late to work. Thankfully, so was about everyone else that relies on public transportation. I find I don’t regret the walk much because I saw all sorts of sights. For instance, I found another Scientology church. I feel like the people back home would burn those mothers down. I got to look at town homes and speculate how much they cost. For instance, an arm? Or maybe a kidney on the black market? This picture to the right is my favorite coloring of the homes. All three of those are just awesome. I actually laughed out loud on my way down the street. The blue is the best, but I’d take any of them.

I also found this statue. That guy up there is General John A. Logan. This guy served in the Mexican-American War, the Civil War (with the Yanks); he was a state senator, congressman, and senator for Illinois, and ran unsuccessfully for Vice President of the U.S. Also, he is considered to be the creator of Memorial Day. He has another statue in Chicago. The statue in D.C. is made of bronze and is called an “equestrian” statue. As you can see, he’s riding a horse. (Hurrrrr.) There are two panels that depict aspects of his life; one shows him consulting with military personnel, the other shows him taking the oath of office as a statesman. Each of the four corners are supported by an eagle, which depicts patriotism.

So, I had a very pleasant walk to work this morning, after the Metro Mess Up, but this evening…I descended the escalator to find that the red line was a mess (again) although it got moving pretty quickly. Then, on the way home on the yellow line, my train was offloaded three stops from mine due to a train malfunction. So. Yeah. I love the metro. Thankfully, at the end of the day, I didn’t have to wait for long for everything to sort itself out.

I am most excited for Wednesday! My friend Gin will be here with her new man (new to me, anyway, I haven’t met him yet) and we will get to hang out and I want to cook for her and take her places and I’m very happy she gets to stay until Sunday and I may have just pooped my pants. Also, I took Thursday and Friday off to hang out, so after Wednesday I have a four day weekend. YAY! I just have to figure out how to do all my grad-school work while she is still here…

OK, I have to go write about Pakistan and India now, go amuse yourself somewhere else. Cheers!



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