The Prodigal Blogger

Why hello there. Looking for me? Yeah. My bad. I find it very hard to keep my schedule going when I have visitors. And I had visitors for a full four days! It was awesome. I went all sorts of places and I will slowly share the pictures with you, dear reader! Don’t worry I just didn’t neglect you, I also failed to run. But I did buy some super awesome new running shoes! There they are, in all their shiny glory.  I used them today. For the first time! I am redoing week 6 of the Couch to 5K so I started that back today. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would, which I’m happy for. I imagine day two will hurt more. And then I have to run for 25 minutes straight. WOO! I’m on it.

My shoes are cool though. They have extra support at the arch because my ankles tend to roll in. I think this has a real name, but I have forgotten it. I went to a place in Old Town Alexandria called Pacers. There, they have you walk and look for weird things your feet do. Then they measure your foot and try to find a shoe that fits your needs. Once you get some shoes on, you’re sent outside with the person helping you and you do some running, so the sales person can see how you’re doing. (This is when they noticed I do the weird thing with my ankles.) So, my sales guy found me a shoe with the support I need and then did his best to get me interested in “fun runs” and other running activities. He did a really really good job. I may have to participate in some of these. If you see in the second picture where my finger is; that is the extra support for my foot. Anyway, it was a cool place and I suggest you go to a Pacers should you ever need running supplies. 

Let me talk about my weekend. I’ll sum it up and then relate full stories to you as the week goes by! This way we have longer blog posts and more pictures! Yay!
Ok, here it goes: arrival, old town Alexandria, national cathedral, flowers, early rising, half-marathons, cherry blossom festival, fish markets, making dinner, failure at getting homework done, the end. So. I’ll have more pictures and stories as the week continues, but for now it is late and I’m beat and I need to shower still. I’ll be back tomorrow, I swear.


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