Hearts and Cupcakes and Stories, Oh my!

HH was sick today. LAME. He appears to have contracted something similar to the one day flu. He puked last night (there has been far too much puking in this house recently; I haven’t puked since the 8th grade) and had a temperature this morning. The fever is done already and he has not felt the need to toss cookies since this morning. I think he’ll be ok by tomorrow, but I might make him stay home anyway. There is no need for a relapse. I hope I don’t get it. That would be so not fun for me.
So, I went to work as usual today, but on my way out, I happened to notice something going on in the circle. This is what I found:

What is this? I see LOVE and a…a?

I’ve no idea what was going on here. I think it was a promotion for the “Virginia is for Lovers” slogan that you see on their tourism posters. Bah. WV all the way. Then I came home and I stopped to by HH some soup and ginger ale. Then I, being the most awesome wife that I am, left him to his own devices and went on another dinner date with J*Rock (JR). The dinner was ok, the company was better, and afterwards we had a cupcake! It was giant so we split it. Here, I have a picture:

Chocolate and peanut butter? Oh yes please.

And now! To tell you a story of the friends that visited me for four days! The first one shall of course center on food! After walking for about half an hour through the streets of Old Town Alexandria and encountering a large amount of police officers on motorcycles and standing around with lights flashing (we never did figure out what they were doing), we found the restaurant that the Boyfriend had heard of. It was called the Bilbo Baggins Global Restaurant. They seriously have a little bit of everything. I have food shots, of course.

Ginny is a pescetarian.
Adam is not.
And I like bacon.

After that, we wandered around Old Town. We had some ice cream, looked at a book store (I bought war books. There is something wrong with me. Operation Mincemeat and a book called Fiasco which is about the Iraq war.) Then we went to Pacers, which is the running store I mentioned earlier. I managed to take a cool picture of a building that had a stag statue on top, I don’t know why. I’m not sure what that building is, but it is pretty neat looking.

The other picture I managed to capture that day was pretty sweet, if I do say so myself.

They’re cute kids.

More tomorrow! More of my friends! Will HH throw up again!? STAY TUNED.


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