Deep Thoughts

I got HH some get well soon flowers. They worked really quickly. He went back to work today. I continue to use the “Gurgle Pot” my mother got me as a vase. It’s really great how the fish looks like its spitting (spouting, sprouting) flowers out of its mouth.

“It’s just a tickle in my throat…WAFRAGLABLE!!!” 

I am going to do a full on post for the National Cathedral, which was another destination I discovered when my friends were here. If you would like to see the pictures ahead of time, you can look at my facebook picture album. Right HERE it is. Just click the link. I’ve been doing some thinking about making my blog more awesome. So that I can get more readers and gain a following for when I take over the world. I’m trying to decide what kinds of things I can do to set myself up for that. I tend to be really random with this blog and I just have word vomit all over the place. I really like doing my pictures and I’m not going to stop that. But I would like to do something else to make the blog more readable to people who don’t know me.
Does anyone have any ideas? Comment! I need your help, Obi-Wans of the interneting world!


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