I saw Jane Eyre (a remake of the older movie and based on the book) today. I remain unconvinced that anybody who wrote at that particular time had happy things to say or do. In fact, I am convinced it rained non-stop and people fell in love in the blink of an eye, only to be ripped away due to some farce of a situation. But that’s just my thoughts on the matter. The movie was good though.

I’m still working on ways to make the blog more awesome. I need serious suggestions, although the last suggestion I got does seem to have some merit to it. Porn does draw many a viewer. It’s just…I’m pretty sure my grandma(s) read this and that seems like a really bad idea.

My picture for today is the awesome new coat I got from Ann Taylor Loft. It was on sale online. I think it was originally 98 dollars. I got it for 44. BAM. Please don’t look at my face. Just marvel at how awesome the coat is. It has ruffles and cinches and all sorts of fun things. HH just has a talent for taking picture of me in which I resemble a troll.

There will be a recipe tomorrow! Huzzah!


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