The Cereal Saga

I came back from running (Week 7, Day 2 – 25 minutes non-stop) today and decided that I would like some cereal with sliced strawberries on top. I didn’t eat a whole lot for dinner and then ran. I had a mother of a cramp in my stomach. So, I headed to the kitchen, with the thought that I would have some of the Smacks. However, this is what I found:

 To the pantry we go, to get the Honey Smacks! Oh boy! 
 Do de do, honey smacks, just singing about Honey Smacks and looking forward to my cereal and strawberries…..
 What. What is this. 
 Look at this shit. There are only crumbs in this bag of Honey Smacks! What the crap?! Where have all the Honey Smacks gone?! Oh that’s just disappointing. 
 Who do I know that lives in this house that leaves not enough for a bowl of cereal in the bag and then never eats it? Who here, in this apartment, of the two people living here one of which is me, would do this? Who has ruined my healthy midnight snack? 
 Into the trash with ye, nearly empty bag of Honey Smacks. I refuse to eat your crumbs. 
I substituted with Honeycomb cereal. For the record, that bag was almost empty too. WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING? I REALLY CAN’T IMAGINE (since I never eat cereal here in the mornings unless it is weekend).

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