Forgive my absence again. I have quite a few things on my mind, it’s bogging me down a little. I will make you a list of things that I have been thinking about:

1. Blog needs to be more awesome. How can this be accomplished?
2. HH and I have a strange rash/itchiness on our bodies. First, I feared bed bugs and went on a rampage looking for bed-bug evidence. There is no evidence of bed-bugs. But, I continue to itch. Talked HH into going to his general practitioner, who has him on an array of medications. I am still stalling. I don’t want an array of medicines.
3. School is winding down so of course I have a ton of things to do. Papers and the like. As you can see, I’m hard at work at them now.
4. Running on a treadmill has reached the boring stage. I think that’s why its getting harder as I progress. I’m just bored.
5. Oh man, work sucks.
6. Looking at new jobs, trying to see if I can get in somewhere else, just for a change of pace and possible usage of my bachelor’s degree.
8. I miss my Tominda (today is her birthday!) and my Mom and my Grandma Betty. (Kohouts too, I just am used to not seeing them as much.)

That sounds whiney. I apologize. I am happy with my life and I’m glad I have the friends I have here and the technology that allows me to reach out to people that are far away from me. But even I can lose that bit of sunshine every once in a while.
On a brighter note! Pictures!

 I love spring. I believe this is a dogwood tree blooming. I love the flowers in spring and how the leaves come back and how everything smells different. It’s a rebirth, forgive me if that sounds corny. SPRING. ILOVEYOU. The picture below is in DC, next to the Dupont Circle Metro. I just liked how you can see the trees in between the buildings and the hint of blue sky. (It rained most of the day.) I just liked it.
I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully with something interesting. Later!


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