Bedazzled with RHINESTONES!

So, today on the metro, I saw this:

Indeed, that woman is wearing a bedazzled jacket of the nation’s president. I find that incredibly epic. I’m almost jealous. I saw another woman several months ago that had Obama shoes. That was almost, but not quite, as cool as this. I’m glad my flash caught the sparkles. I mean, seriously. EPIC.

And, on a sign outside today, I saw this:

I sorta love little art things that some people would consider vandalism. See that little picture near limit? It’s a man in a bowler hat, looking rather smart. I have no idea why it is there or if it has any meaning. There is another picture underneath the yellow sign, but I have no idea what that is at all.

Dermatologist appointment tomorrow and a happy hour after work, so there will be food pictures and it will be late by the time I get them up. Most likely. I ran today, started week 8 of the Couch to 5K program. I have two more days in this week, then I start the last week. Then I run the 5K….CRAZY.

More later! If you have any “make a blog awesome” ideas, do email me or leave me a comment here. Appreciate it, ducks!

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