100th Post!

This is the 100th post I’ve done on this blog. *Confetti!*

So, I have a funny story. Went to a happy hour today. It was at an Asian place called Momiji. What you see there in that picture is chicken teriyaki. It was super good. But look, if you will, behind the chicken. See that strange purple wrinkly thing? I cropped it out in another photo, so you can get a gander at it. It’s right under the other picture.

Imagine the scene. Surrounded by friends, HH on one side. A nice cool drink of something beside you. And they give you this pretty plate with food on it. And you think, oh that looks nice whattheHELListhat. So you poke at it with your chopstick, ask the person beside you, “What do you think that is?” Part of the issue is, you super hate mushrooms. The texture is slimy and gross and they always taste faintly of SUPER YUCK.

So, you chopstick it up, holding it near your mouth, most likely with a faint sneer as you try to figure out if you want to chance it. Finally, you screw up your foodie courage and take a nibble off the top. You taste something familiar. And why the hell does it taste a bit like lemon? That makes no sense. You take another small bite, at the urging of HH (who most likely just wants to see you gag in public). “Go ahead, eat it!” he says, urging you to your doom.

Eventually, you pop the entire thing in your mouth, so far unable to discern what you are ingesting. Suddenly, it comes to you. It’s eggplant. Then you feel dumb, because you love eggplant. You’ve just never seen it so shriveled before. You then spend the rest of your night giggling with your British friend who has an iPhone and is showing you videos of stop-motion Legos set to the stand up genius of Eddie Izzard.

Eddie Izzard

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