Today I would like to share two things!

First, a video from three or four days ago when hail bombarded my windows. These window/doors lead to my balcony, which is covered. The hail flew up under the awning part and slammed into my windows, making me believe that the hail might crack the glass. You can tell from my narration.

The other thing I want to share is a movie trailer. My favorite book series (heck, mine and everyone else’s!) is reaching the end of the movie series. Indeed, I speak of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, Part 2. It’s going to be epic. I know I will be joined by the faithful J*Rock for this moving showing. I only wish I would be in Washington to see it as well. Oh, didn’t I mention? Yeah, going to Seattle for my cousin’s graduation! Tominda and I shall be reunited again! Huzzah!

But anyway, Harry Potter. *SQUEAL.*

I’m incredibly excited by the entire thing. 

And another thing! I’ve rediscovered a stand-up comedian that I used to watch. Tominda and I would spend Friday evenings watching Friday Night Stand-Up on Comedy Central. We were cool.
Here is Jeremy Hotz! He did this one portion that was about coffee grounds and the feminine product, Always. I will find it again someday. This one is particularly pertinent, as I yearn for a dog.

Laugh, my pretties, laugh!


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