A Month, You Say?

I would like to make a list of excuses right here, for your enjoyment, for why I have not been blogging. Are you ready for this? It’s a seriously good list of excuses. I mean, I’m not sure you’ll ever come back, because the excuses are so good and there is just no reason to expect I could possibly continue a blog with excuses like these. Yeah.

1. I went on a trip to Seattle! I watched my adorable cousin graduate from high school, not to mention spend time with the rest of the unforgettable Kohout family. Also, there was time lavished upon one Tominda Adkins, writer of Vessel. (I have read segments of her upcoming second installment; I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I must book pimp.) Exploits from Seattle feature: foods from every ethnicity, grandparents, Tom Shoes, coffee, trains, planes, graduations, new friends, cupcakes, car rides, scheduling debacles, a gay bar, and a tattoo. (Yeah, I have one of those now.)
2. As soon as I returned, more family time! The in-laws! Cheesecake Factory, cooking, movies and madness!
3. Fantastic excuse: work is hard. I had to remember how to do it and was tired by the end of the day.
4. Getting back on track with exercising and reading for my summer reading course. I have been cramming information about jihadists into my mind and getting ready for a 5K this weekend, July 2.
5. The pool opened at our apartment complex. Enough said.
6. I went to an Owl City concert. Check out the video I took of my favorite song! The song you hear playing is also the song that plays when Tominda calls my phone.

Those are my best excuses. However, the good news is I have all sorts of great things to write about now that I have the time and inclination to do so. I have recipes, stories, pictures, and videos to post. Also, I think I need to do a creep of DC and look for more historical goodies to share with everyone.

So, here are some posts you should look forward to in the upcoming days:
– Tattoos and how they hurt like hell to get
– Concerts and various experiences at them
– Why 5ks are both awesome and awful
– Planes and babies and how they do not mix well
– FOOD blogging!
– Thoughts on terrorism (oh, you big nerd)
– Ramblings about weight loss and exercise
– Why the dentist is the worst place to visit
– Things I learned in a gay bar
– Whatever other ramblings I can think of

I leave you with this:

I have this game and I’m gonna go play it. YEEEEEEEEAAH! I’m 12.

One comment

  1. I am excited for several of these subjects! POOL! When can I come visit??*tattoo, approx 22 seconds in*"Tom…how long did yours take?""Um…about two and a half hours?""WHAT THE EFF IS WRONG WITH YOU????"

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