You and I

Ah, Lady Gaga. Please watch the video posted below before continuing with your reading!

Now that you have seen Gaga’s newest video, I can talk about it. OK. With her other videos, I’ve been able to see a sort of symbolism and figure out what all her crazy antics could mean. But for this video of You and I…not so much. In fact, I had a conversation through Google Chat with Author and Gaga-mega fan, Tominda Adkins, in order to fully understand. Please see below:

Tominda: also, how hard did you laugh at gaga’s crazy modern dance run?

 me: Pretty hard
4:38 PM me: I spent a lot of time on that video going, “Yes, she has done it. I have no idea what’s going on here. I don’t even see symbolism. She wins.”
 Tominda: what?
  well, beforehand, she did allude to a mermaid
  she also says it was about her walking back from manhattan to get her boyfriend back
4:39 PM so the way I saw it breaks down as follows
4:40 PM the guy in the barn is her boyfriend, and all the stuff he is doing to her (the water tank, the electroshit, etc) represents how lovers change us into different people
 me: aaaaaahhhhhhhh
 Tominda: better people, sometimes so much better that we leave them behind, realize our mistakes, and then go back for them, only to be killed by the ice cream truck man on the way there
 me: lmao.
4:41 PM Tominda: and in a more literal sense, he found her as a mermaid and they were so in love he tried to give her legs so she could walk around with him
  and all the stuff he was doing were all the phases she went through to make that complete
  so I guess it’s about loving all the changes you go through and all sides of yourself, including your inner drunk Italian boy
4:42 PM and recognizing the people who changed you
 me: I’m going to post this shit to my blog that I am writing in again
 Tominda: yay!
  i win.
 me: WINS.
 Tominda: and omfg how HOT is she as a dude????
  so cuuuuuute!!!
4:43 PM me: hilarious
4:44 PM I want someone to do that to me.
  to see what I would look like as a dude
 Tominda: you’d be frickin cute
  imo (In my opinion)
 me: beat the ladies away
 Tominda: I don’t think I could pull it off
 me: your boobs are too big.
😀 This is what passes for conversation between my best friend of 14 years and myself. We are so awesome it hurts. LOOK WHAT I HAVE. 
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And if you’d like to see more things that Tominda does, please check out her blog! Also, I’d like to add a shameless plug for Work Friend Josh, who has started his own blog that is way better organized than mine and much more intellectual and cool. The nerd.


One comment

  1. I don't know, sometimes I think that Gaga is just a needy exhibitionist who wants to try on as many articles of clothing as she can, so she makes up some vague meaning to go behind the song and then runs with it. 🙂 And I think that she could get her "message" out without all the over the top sexual stuff. Gross. She was cute as a dude though, I'll give her that.

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