Back In the Groove?

Class starts up again tomorrow. I swear, I just finished my last torture class and I’m already heading back into the fray. All sarcastic remarks aside, I do really like what I’m learning. Yes, I am paranoid as hell, but I really like this stuff.
Classes for this semester include: Arms Control Theory and Practice; and International Terrorism.
With classes back on the schedule, you should not expect to see much from me on Tuesdays or Wednesdays, but I’ll try to post at least 3 – 4 times a week.

Speaking of international, big news! I’m going to France with J*Rock! JR is super cool and invited me along (I imagine she will regret it) and I’ve never been outside the states so I’m super pumped to go! I’m going to make sure I get a stamp in my passport, oh boy. We’ll be visiting the south of France, in Nice. Then, somehow, we plan to get to Paris to see a bit before we ride a plane back to DC. I’m excited for this trip and pumped about the chance to go.

Also exciting, my mom will be here in two days! Maybe we can do some collaborative posts while she is here. I will take lots of pictures of the stuff we’re doing so that should be pretty hilarious. Also, while she is here, HH (Hot Husband) and I will celebrate our 2nd year of marriage! I plan to eat cake of some sort. Or ice cream. Something. SUGAR.

As I don’t have a picture I want to share at this exact moment, please check out this clip of one of my new favorite comedians, Kyle Kinane. I saw him live in Seattle with Tom. We were mad for stand-up in high school so it’s still one of my favorite things. This particular clip is about babies…priceless.

Little baby kebabs!



  1. Veal, made me snicker. But it is true, people here in southern California seem apathetic to the heat, like it's normal for it to be three digits. It's something I hope I never become used to.

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